Pros and Cons of Owning Beach Real Estate in Florida

If you’re thinking about purchasing a beach house or property that is close to the coast, then you could be building the foundation for an incredible investment. Not only can beach properties grow in value and generate revenues if used as a vacation or holiday property, but it can also provide you with immediate water access, stunning views, and an amazing community if you make it a full-time residence.   

Purchasing real estate that is close to the beach is a big decision to make. Scott Addison has more than 20+ years of experience working with properties like these and has seen numerous advantages and disadvantages come up during a buying or selling experience.   Here are some of the pros and cons of owning beach real estate in Florida that you’ll want to consider as you look at today’s available properties.  

What Are the Pros of Owning Beach Real Estate in FL?


#1. You get to be right next to the beach. 

In the winter months, there is nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of Florida’s best beaches. Owning real estate here can let you enjoy warmer weather in the colder months of the year while having access to sun and sand whenever you want to have it. Many of Florida’s best beaches are close to great restaurants, excellent shopping, and numerous recreational activities.  

#2. The water is beautiful, even if the day is not. 

Although gray days in Florida are few and far between, they have been known to occur. That won’t spoil the day. The coastal waters are always stunning and offer views that are rarely found anywhere else in the world. Even if the waves begin crashing more than usual, there is a certain peacefulness that comes when you get to experience a day in the comfort of your own beach property.  

#3. The atmosphere. 

Beach communities offer an atmosphere that is slower, casual, and very laid back. The rush to get somewhere is left behind in the city, even if the beach community is nestled right up next to a large urban area. When you drive from the Tampa metroplex to the coastal barrier islands of Florida, there is a tangible change in the atmosphere that you’ll experience. It’s like a weight gets lifted off your shoulders. Now imagine never having that weight there because you live on the beach…  

#4. The revenues. 

Having a beach property means you have the opportunity to collect on large potential revenues. When someone wants to spend time in our coastal communities, there is a great desire to live directly on the beach. Even compared to properties just off the beach, the investment opportunities for a beach-based home are much greater – especially during the busy season.  

#5. There always seems to be a beautiful sunset. 

Imagine being able to enjoy the perfect sunset from your home. Now imagine being able to do this night after night. This is the reality of owning beach real estate in Florida. People come for the sand and the surf, but it is the sunset vistas that take their breath away. It is arguably one of the best experiences that you’ll find anywhere in the world today.  

What Are the Cons of Owning Beach Real Estate in FL?

#1. Summers can sometimes be difficult at the beach. 

Once you get outside of the early Spring, the beach communities of Florida can empty out quickly. Many come to Florida to escape the depths of a cold winter, but then move back because the warmth of Summer here can be intimidating. In a beach community, if you live there full-time, you might find a lot of empty houses surround yours. Some see this fact as an advantage, but many see it as a disadvantage because it limits their social activities.  

#2. It can be difficult to build neighborly relationships. 

Because many families travel to Florida and maintain their second home along the coast, it can be difficult to build friendships with your neighbors. Some homeowners may be gone 6 months out of the year.  

#3. It’s not just the homes that shut down. 

The transient population of Florida includes business owners. You’ll find that many stores tend to close in our beach communities when population levels are lower. This means you may need to find an alternative to meet your needs and that could require more traveling than you’d like to do.  

#4. Beach properties have a higher risk of damage. 

Living next to the water does come with certain risks. Your home could be at a higher risk of experiencing damage should a storm blow through. Tides and rogue waves can have an impact on the beach and local properties as well. Seasonal fluctuations can increase the potential of flooding. These all have related costs which must be considered when looking at the best beach real estate opportunities in Florida right now.  

#5. There are often HOA considerations to follow. 

If you are turning your beach property into a revenue generation machine, your tenants (both short- and long-term) would need to follow any association rules that are in place for your property. This means it cannot be a passive ownership experience. You will want to plan on either visiting your property frequently or bringing in a property management agency to handle tenant concerns.   There are many advantages to living on the beach. 

There are also several advantages to living justoff the beach. Even if you’re just a block or two away, there are often properties for sale in Florida that will provide you with an outstanding view, the fresh air, and fast access to the warm sand when you want to spend a day in the sun for a discount compared to living directly on the beach.